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Mens League: 

 Mens league will be held on Thursday nights for 20 weeks beginning April 28th (weather dependant) with a shotgun start at 5:30 p.m. and winding up on Saturday Sept. 17th .  Any extra weeks in the schedule allows for rain outs.  This year the only option to participate in the Mens leagues will either be to purchase a Prime or Week-day membership or League Pass costing $570 plus gst (on or before Mar 31st) or $600 plus gst (after March 31st). The League Pass is ONLY good for 9 HOLES on Thursday night. Additional cost for the meal portion of mens night will be $465.00.  Four players must be paid for the team to be registered.  Spares are not required to pay green fees. 

Ladies League: 

 Tuesday AM League:  The AM league fee is $30.00, which covers windup prizes.  This is an open league and new members are welcome.  Sign up is individual and tee-times start at 9:00 a.m.  The league will run for 20 weeks beginning May 3rd (weather dependant) and conclude Sept. 6th or 13th.  Ladies can purchase a prime or weekday membership or purchase a 10 or 20 game pass to participate in this league. 

Tuesday PM League:  This league will be keeping the same format as 2021 and if enough ladies sign up we can return to a shotgun start.  Ladies can sign up as a single, twosome, threesome or foursome.  We are also keeping “spot sharing” for 2022 which means 2 people can share a spot (or 3 people can share 2 spots, etc) so if you can’t make every week, this may be an attractive option.  A weekday or prime membership or a league pass costing $570 plus gst (on or before Mar 31st) or $600 plus gst (after March 31st) will have to be purchased for each spot.  There will NOT be a league fee this year as proceeds from the weekly 50/50 draws will be used to cover the cost of the windup.  The league will begin May 3rd and run for 20 weeks.  In the event of rainouts (where the course is closed), rain checks will be issued so make up games will not be required. 

Senior League: 

We are in need of a new organizer for the Seniors Mens league to run on Thursday mornings.  Past organizers will help get the season started. If you are interested, contact the office.  Registration for this league begins at 8:30 a.m. start, hole assignments at 8:45 and tee off at 9:00 a.m.  Non members are welcome.  It is a "pay as you go" league so membership is not required - just the $32.00 green fees plus gst for 9 holes each week.  For more information about the Seniors league, call the office (998-3372) or proshop (998-2255).

Senior Mens Interclub:
  • To be updated later in March 

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